Workshops & Speakers

We Love Life Festival loves to offer interactive workshops that are fun, educational and empowering! Workshops for 2017 will include the following.
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Vinyasa Yoga with Lotus

Session one: 12.15pm – 1.45pm {Wellbeing Space}
Session two: 5.00pm – 6.00pm {Village Green Grass}

Rap Circle with Charlie White

12.30pm 1.00pm

Feeling weak? Too shy to speak?

Well it’s time to turn the other cheek,

Because you have always been able to speak!

Come join us for rap games and work outs to get your heart racing, your creative brain thinking, and your fear busted. If you don’t know how to rap, this is especially for you! 🙂


Zumba with Analia

12.45pm – 1.15pm


Analia will help you get moving to the music Zumba style.

Cacao Ceremony and Dance segment with Paras Paradise

1.00pm – 2.00pm


Paras is the co-founder of TRIBE One Heartbeat, Australia’s largest ongoing Cacao party, and specialises in bringing Cacao ceremonies, mindfulness, positive energy and dance to larger groups of people.

Her Cacao ceremonies focus on you being an active part of the ceremony, with an intention of a deeper connection with your body, heart and soul, as well as the land the ceremony is held on, during and after the ceremony.

She has held ceremonies as the co-founder in the Full Moon Meditation circles and as co-facilitator in the Sisterhood circles women’s circles for three years, as well as at EarthCore festival, World Vegan day and TRIBE One Heartbeat.

Being able to see and Illuminate the Essence of people is her gift, and that is also expressed through her business Luminessence Photography and through dance and yoga practices.

Mandala with Yazdala

2.00pm – 3.00pm


Yaz will help you get creative with pen & paper, all materials will be supplied, come along for some mandala fun with live music by Kundalini Sound.

Holistic Activism with Mark Allen

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Mark Allen is an environmental activist who is nowadays increasingly focussing his attention on getting activism right. For too long we have been focussed purely on the symptoms such as deforestation without approaching the underlying causes that are based on human behaviour. This has not only resulted in our activism being less effective, it has also added to the endless cycle of ‘us versus them’. Holistic activism is about removing the tribalism that comes with campaigning and instead it is about looking for the common threads that connect us. The current methods are not working and it is crucial that we now to take a holistic approach.

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Sustainable Activism Support Group


Kirsten will be holding  a support session for animal activists at We Love Life Festival, If you’re feeling stressed, burnt out (or on the brink of it), would like to share or listen in a safe space then please join us! There will be nibbles, a facilitated conversation circle and some stress relieving art activities.

Everyone invited – whether you want to share, listen or support and for everyone who does animal activism from rescues and protests to leafleting and social media activism.

Sophie Pham Discover Yourself, Discover Your Purpose

3. 15pm – 4.15pm


Sophie Pham is an author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. Her own history of sexual trauma expressed in the form of depression, eating disorders, alcoholism and prostitution. In confronting her greatest fear, she experienced her spiritual awakening which drew her away from an academic career in psychiatry. As founder of the social enterprise The Introvert Project, she is committed to sharing stories of purpose found within personal suffering.

Her recent book, ‘Pain Is Potential’, has been released in Australia and Vietnam making the cover story for international magazine, The Word. Humble in person, yet outrageous in her work, she always has you questioning what you’re going to get.

Eating & Environment with Mark Doneddu

4.00pm – 4.30pm

Mark will talk about how what we eat can effect the environment.


What your body is telling you with Candace Borg

4.30pm – 5pm

Naturopath Candace will hold an interactive workshop ‘What your body is telling you’ where you can learn about the signs and symptoms of common deficiencies. How to spot them and what to do about them.

Creating Conscious Connections with Michele Peppler

4.30pm – 6pm

Real People. Real Conversations. Real Connection. About stuff that matters.

Calling all Truth Seekers; Change-makers, Fringe-dwellers, Social misfits & Disrupters of the status quo. Creative and Conscious entrepreneurs, Healers, Revolutionaries & anyone on a path of Personal or Spiritual Growth

If you have a desire to live in a new kind of world and want to connect with others like you this workshop is a fun, fantastic purpose designed conscious connections workshop to drop you straight into your heart & have opportunities to connect one on one from this place.

Activities & discussion are designed especially to create opportunities which will increase your chances of creating meaningful connections to continue long after We Love Life.


Michele Peppler is a Melbourne-based Seeker, Visionary and Way-shower, deeply committed to the awakening and evolution of humanity.

A former corporate manager turned Truth-Mentor, Author, Trainer and Speaker, she supports aspiring change-makers and budding entrepreneurs of societal change undergoing the awakening process to reconnect with their deepest truth and greater soul-calling and inspires them to share that with the world. Her real, raw and grounded approach to consciousness and spirituality takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo and enables deep transformation for those starting a spiritual path without feeling like they’ve somehow been thrust into spiritual olympics!

She is founder of Within, Without Mentoring & Events, Project Wake-Up & Soulful Connections; Author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’; Columnist for Wake Up World, Smart Healthy Women’s Magazine; Regular guest presenter for conscious festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and Maitraya and has even infiltrated mainstream publications like ‘The Age’ and the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspapers.

Michele runs shared workshops, trainings and programs around Australia and offers private mentoring locally and globally via Skype.

Check out her upcoming program ‘Be the Queen to Call in Your King’ starting Feb 4. or connect @

Fitness Workshop with Ryan Selkrig

5.00pm – 6.00pm

Bringing elements of functional fitness, embodiment and movement to shake up the energetic, mental and spiritual systems allowing the earth to take that which we desire to let go of and enliven that which desires to be seen.


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Yoga with Lotus, Luke Tan “The Human Flag”, Laughter Session with Frazer.
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