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This years festival will have an eclectic mix of local talents !!!
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We Love Life Festival musical acts for 2015 includes:

Divina Providencia

Divina Providencia is a collective of musicians from different parts of the world, who share the love for music and the spirit of happiness and freedom that it contains. Exploring the rhythms from the Caribbean (Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and more) with hints of reggae and what comes from the spirit of their musicians, Divina providencia aims to give to the audience a moment to connect the mind, the body and the spirit with summery sounds, the sea and the passion of Latin Culture; making a big stand of happiness and letting a dance party take the lead.

Fraser Miller

Fraser Miller 1
Fraser has played various instruments such as piano, recorder, bassoon, electric and acoustic guitar, and has sung and performed since the age of 7 in choirs, recorder concerto, orchestra, rock, reggae and funk bands aswell as a group performing ancient and modern chants of various cultures. Currently he writes, sings and plays positive, soulful songs on guitar.

Jeff Hills

Jeff Hills
Coming from the early 90s Melbourne Blues scene, long time guitarist Jeff Hills has worked professionally as a session musician, taught guitar, and worked in the jingle writing industry. After a long break, Jeff is returning to his musical career, with a new collaboration project.


Huanchaco is a Melbourne based trio playing a fusion of different world musics and consists of voice, guitar, violin, flute and percussion.


Krishool 1
A guaranteed crowd pleaser, African born Krishool has a natural ability to bring dance and rhythm to his performances. He acknowledges an influence from artists Michael Jackson, Usher and John Legend, and enjoys covering jazz and soul with a peppering of rock ballads. More recently, Krishool was coached by Will.i.am on Channel Nine’s hit show, The Voice, where he wowed judges with his soulful voice and energetic dance moves. The singer-songwriter currently performs regular solo gigs in his hometown of Melbourne and explores a love of acting, comedy and podcasting when off the stage. Classically trained, he has been performing since the age of five and after graduating high school, he toured Europe with boy band trio, ‘Track 5’.


Mareya Music
Mareya wrote her first song at age 4 called “I Like Flowers”….. Mareya’s achievements reads like the seasoned pro that she is: -Attended Takapuna Grammar School, which also turned out Lorde (Ella), Gin Wigmore, The Checks, The Veils, to name but a few. -Winner two years in a row of her High School Annual Talent quest, age 14 and 15. Judge at age 16. -Winner of the Mike Chunn Songwriter of the Year at Takapuna Grammar two years in a row, aged 16 and 17. Youngest competitor. -Completed a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music) at Auckland University, graduating in 2013. -Released debut 4 track EP – with radio airplay on Compass FM, Christchurch. She has previously attracted the attention of Eddie Rayner (Split Enz, Crowded House, Orb, Space Waltz, ENZSO, and The Makers), who recorded one of her first songs at age 15 and has been a mentor for some years. Mareya continues to write prolifically, recording with her own arrangements and production. She performs as often as possible, as a solo performer, with a band, or in a duo.

Myke Love

Myke Love
Myke is a DJ, producer & events manager who co-founded We Love Life Festival, Myke wishes to unite and inspire kindred spirits to live life with love and compassion, Myke will be playing a mixture of ambient, classic tunes, and the latest upbeat hits throughout the day.


Neeko began her musical journey at the top of a misty mountain in Nepal in the winter of 2012. The mountain spoke to her and told her to pursue her passions. She immediately caught the next plane back to her hometown of Melbourne where her life would never be the same again.
Her haunting vocals combined with ambient guitar effects, create a beautiful collaboration of textured sounds sending the listener to the stars and back again.. Just like the vegan smoothies she makes every morning, the only thing that you can expect from a Neeko performance is that it will be delicious, nutritious and food for the soul.


SELKI is the solo project of Shanti Lane, beginning on a journey to Melbourne… She is the transition of two minds finding their way to sea, A journey of art and music, an expression of inner reflection, combining an individual melodic sound with the acoustic guitar and haunting lyrics a mesmerising combination.


Sikander are a Melbourne-based outfit concocting global club music, with elements of cinematic atmospherics, and bass culture into a groove-laden sonic spread. They are Pradip Sarkar and Pete Warren Smith on productions, and Al Catlin (Rush Effect/The Sharp) on flute and cello. SIkander performs both as a live act and as a soundsystem. In the soundsystem format, Pradip can be seen  fiddling with midi controllers and synths, while Pete bangs an electric bass. Sikander has performed at Gear Shift, hosted by Clan Analogue, the French Island Music and Arts festival on new years eve, and at local warehouse parties. Sikander’s music is aimed at instigating serpentine movements on club floors, and at outdoor festivals during sunset.

Steve Poynton

Steve Poynton
Steve has been playing ukulele longer than he can remember, mostly because he chooses not to remember life without a ukulele. He plays a mixture of styles and is very serious about not taking his music seriously.

Rose Turtle Ertler

Rose is a musician/composer and community arts facilitator currently based in Maldon, central Victoria. She performs her original ‘wonky folk’ songs (on ukulele, banjo, piano) as well as regular collaborations with other musicians from many different musical genres.  Rose has toured nationally focusing on regional areas and has also played in USA (New York Ukulele Festival), Auckland (NZ Ukulele Festival) and European tours. Her fifth solo release is an EP called ‘Bird’.

Tasha Amoroso
Tasha Amoroso

Tasha began writing lyrics at the tender age of seven and her love for honest words and real life stories led her through a fearless journey.
After busking on the famous Peel St at the for two years, in 2012 Tasha won the coveted Tamworth Busking Championship, claiming victory over 550 fellow performers. 2012 also saw the release of Tasha’s Independent debut Album ‘On The Run,’ with the single ‘Time To Waste’ making its way into the charts.
The year 2014 has been a game changer for Tasha both personally and artistically. She appeared on Channel Nine’s hit singing show ‘The Voice’, experiencing the rare achievement of having all 4 of the judges chairs turn in her blind audition. Tasha’s sweet rendition of The Lumineers track ‘Ho Hey’ still remains a favorite amongst viewers and as quoted by Kylie Minogue; “Tasha has clarity and brilliance to her voice” and “a voice you naturally respond to…” and this shows through in her live gigs when you can almost hear a pin drop during certain parts of her performances.
As well as  a schedule of performances,  Tasha is spending much of 2015 writing and recording brand new music. Her new batch of work will no doubt be edgier and more personal than ever!

Tess Alicia Pittaway

Tess Alicia Pittaway
Tess commenced singing lessons and performing at eight years of age. In 2006 while training with Michael Hillyard at Rhiannon’s Performing Arts Tess auditioned and was accepted into J.M.C Academy where she studied Degree in Popular Music Performance. Tess has taught singing and keys for nine years. Tess is an accomplished singer/song writer and has performed in venues throughout Melbourne including The Corner, The Laundry, The Forum, Clock Tower, Roxanne, Star Bar and many more. She has worked and trained with some of Australia’s most talented musicians, as a solo artist, in bands and performing in music videos. In 2013 Tess showcased her latest compositions at 100 Hundred for 100 charity event.

The Moon Raja

The Moon Raja
The Moon Raja are a three piece band from Melbourne, The Moon Raja are greatly instrumental with their music rooted heavily in blues, with psychedelic and jazz influences. The Moon Raja are three conscious vegans who’s greatest passion is music and feel it is their greatest tool to spread unity and compassion.


Zee is an American artist living in Australia since 2012. She has been singing since before she could form words, learned to play piano from the age of 6, and took brief guitar lessons in her teen years. She began writing her own music while living in Germany in 2009, and then completed a Certificate in Musical Worship from University of the Nations in Denver, Colorado in 2011. Zee is currently studying Creative Arts Therapy in Melbourne, and hopes to eventually use sound and movement to bring healing. In addition to songwriting, she performs spoken word poetry. She is also passionate about bringing meditation and mindfulness through the art practice of Taiwanese Tea Ceremony. Her music reflects her contemplative spirit, her travels and advocacy around the globe, and the magic she discovers in all that she encounters.